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1Therebe ص״/ ʱ״Theres a boat in the river.

2Whats wrong withsb. / sth. Whats wrong with your watchֱʲôë

3How do you like...How do you like Chinaйô

4What do you like about...What do you like about Chinaϲйʲô

5had betternotԭΡYoud better ask that policeman over there. ȥDZߵǸ졣

6Howadj. / adv. νWhat a/ anadj. n. νHow cold it is today What a fine picture it isһͼѽ

7Thanksb. fordoingsth.Thank you for coming to see me. лҡ

8Sobe/ ̬/ ʣHe is a student. So am I. һѧҲǡ

9... not ... until ...He didnt have supper until his parents came back. ֱĸĸųԷ

10ȽϼandȽϼThe baby cried harder and harder. Ǻӿ޵ԽԽ

11the Ƚϼthe ȽϼThe more one hasthe more one wants. ԽԽ̰

12... as adj./ adv.as ...not as(so) adj. / adv. as ...Do you think that art is as important as musicΪһҪ𣿡Last Sunday the weather was not so wet as it is today. ϸʪ

13more/ less adj.than...I think art is less important than music. ΪҪ

14stopfrom doing sth.The Great Green Wall will stop the wind from blowing the earth away. ɫǽ赲紵

15both ... and ...Both you and I are students. Һ㶼ѧ

16either ... or...Either you or he is wrong .
17neither ... nor ...Neither he nor I am a student. Һѧ

18... as soon as ...As soon as I see himIll give him the message. һҾͰϢ

19... soadj. / adv.that ...I was so tired that I didnt want to speak. ۵Ҳ˵ˡ

20Though...Though I like writing to my pen-friendit takes a lot of time. ȻϲдţҪķҴʱ䡣

21be going toThis afternoon Im going to buy a Qisu English book. ҪȥӢ顣

22be different fromI think this is different from Chinese names. Ϊ뺺ֲͬ

23Welcomebackto...Welcome back to schoolӭصѧУ

24have fun doingWere going to have fun learning and speaking English this term. ѧǽζȻѧϰͽӢ
25... because ... / ...so ...I dont know all your names because this is our first lesson. ΪǵĵһڿΣҲ֪˵֡

26Why dont you ... / Why not ...Why dont you come to school a little earlier?Ϊʲô㵽Уأ

27make itLets make it half past nine. Ƕھŵɣ

28have nothing to doThey have nothing to do every day. ÿ¡

29be sure/ be sure of/ about sth. / be sure to do sb.I think so, but Im not sure. ȷI was not sure of / about the wayso I asked someone. Ҷôûаգʱˡ

30between ... and ...There is a shop between the hospital and the school. ǼҽԺѧУ֮һ̵ꡣ

31keep sb. / sth. adj./ V-ing/ ʲ/ adv.You must keep your classroom clean. DZ뱣ֽҸɾSorry to have kept you waiting. ԲõȡCan you keep him in the room 𣿡Keep them here. š

32find He finds it very hard to travel around the big city . ҪǺѵġ

33... not ... anymore/ longerThe old man doesnt travel any more. λ˲ˡHe isnt a thief any longer. Ǹ

34Whats the weather like...Whats the weather like in spring in your hometown Ǽ紺ô

35There is no time to do/ have no time to doThere was no time to think. ûʱ˼I have no time to go home for lunch. ûʱؼҳ緹

36Help oneself to...Help yourself to some fish. ɣ
37used to doI used to read this kind of story books. ҹȥֹ顣

38borrow ... fromI borrowed a Qisu English book from him. ҴǽһӢ顣

39lend sb. sth. / lend sth. to sb.He lent me a story book / He lent a story book to me. ˱ҡ

40have been toHave you ever been to Haw aiiȥ𣿡

41have gone toWheres heHes gone to Washington. Ķȥʢˡ

42be famous forHawaii is famous for its beautiful beaches. ĺ̲

43No matter ʾ䣫䡡No matter when you comeyou are welcomed. ʲôʱܻӭ

44be afraidof / todo / that...Im afraid not. ²ܡDont be afraid of making mistakes when speaking English. ˵ӢʱҪ·󡣡

45... as ... as possible / ... as ... as sb canI hope to see him as soon as possible. ϣܾHe ran here as fast as he could. Ŭܵ

46practise / enjoy / finish doingA young man practised speaking English with Mr Green. һ˺͸ϰ˵ӢTom enjoys playing football very much. ķϲ򡣡He finished reading the story book. DZ顣

47Its said that ...Its said that one of the most dangerous sharks is the Great White Shark. ˵Σյ֮һǴ衣

48Not all / everyone ...Not all sharks are alike. е㶼һNot everyone likes dumplings. ÿ˶ϲӡ

49be based onHis argument is based on facts. ۶ʵΪݵġ

50... so that ...Put the tree in the hole so that it is straight. 붴ѨУֱ

51benum. metres / kilometres / years...long / wide / deep / high / old...The Great Green Wall is 7000 kilometres long. ɫdz7000The river is about 2 metres deep. ӴԼ2The boy is about 12 years old . кԼ12

52keep ... from doingThe heavy rain kept us from starting out. ֹdz
53with ones help...With Toms helpIve come to America to study further. ķİ£졣

54I dont think ...I dont think any of them is interesting. ΪκһȤ

55Whats the population of ...Whats the population of Germany ¹˿ж٣

56prefer to do rather than doThey prefer to buy a new one rather than repair it. Ǹϲһ³Ըȥ

57be worth (doing) This book is worth reading. Ȿֵö

58regard asThey regarded their pets as members of their families. ǰѳΪͥԱ

59be confident ofIm confident of success. ȷŻɹ

60seem to do / seem adj. / ʶHe seems to be angry. ƺˡThe house seems too noisy. ⷿƺ̫ˡ

61be angry with / about / atdoingWere all very angry with ourselves. ǶԼI was angry about his decision to build a factory here. ҺѹI was angry at being kept waiting. һֱҺ

62pay for / pay forHe paid for the book and went away. 뿪ˡI paid him 200 for the painting. Ҹ200Ӣ


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